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EVMS Consulting Services Steps:

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Step 4: The EVMS Implementation Process

Once the design and documentation of your EVMS is complete, the next step is to implement your newly developed or modified EVMS on a given project. H&A can provide the support and expertise to assist you throughout the EVMS implementation process. We begin with a detailed implementation plan and schedule with responsibility assignments. This provides a road map for the EVMS implementation. Each process area and subsystem as well as all subsystem interfaces are thoroughly tested. Modifications will be suggested and completed as required. In addition, H&A reviews the results of the implementation to assure the application of the EVMS is in compliance with your contract requirements, policies, and procedures as well as the EIA-748 Standard for Earned Value Management System guidelines. This process is illustrated below.

evms implementation

H&A is Here to Help with the EVMS Implementation Process

H&A consultants can assist the EVMS implementation process in the following areas. This assistance combines support for implementing the EVMS processes and procedures as well as using the applicable toolsets to enter, organize, and analyze the project schedule and cost data. H&A can also provide assistance with project directives or project specific EVMS documentation, planning instructions, and data coding requirements to reflect contractual and internal reporting requirements.

How You Benefit from H&A's EVMS Implementation Support:

  • Establishes a level of confidence in the system prior to conducting an Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) or preparing for a customer compliance review.
  • Can identify and resolve issues quickly and early in the process.
  • Provides opportunity to develop internal EVM expertise – schedule, cost, risk management and training project personnel.

Features of H&A's EVMS Implementation Support:

  • Fully tests the entire system using live project data.
  • Verifies all process steps, responsibilities, interfaces, inputs, and outputs.
  • Verifies compliance with internal policies, customer contract requirements, and the EIA-748 guidelines.

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