FAR 52.234-4 EVMS Clause

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FAR 52.234-4 EVMS

FAR 52.234-4 EVMS Clause – dated November 2016

As prescribed in FAR subpart 34.2, this clause has the same requirements as FAR 52.234-2 and 3.  A contractor must submit either documentation that its earned value management system (EVMS) has been determined to be compliant with the EIA-748 or a plan to achieve compliance.  Until compliant, a contractor is to apply its current system and take the necessary actions to meet the milestones in the contractor’s EVMS plan as approved by the Contracting Officer.

An Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) will be conducted by the Government if a pre-award IBR was not conducted.  The Contracting Officer may also require an IBR after the exercise of significant options or after incorporation of major modifications to a contract.

This clause also mandates that “unless a waiver is granted by the Cognizant Federal Agency (CFA), contractor proposed EVMS changes require approval of the CFA prior to implementation.  The CFA will advise the contractor of the acceptability of such changes within 30 calendar days after receipt of the notice of proposed changes from the contractor.  If the advance approval requirements are waived by the CFA, the contractor shall disclose EVMS changes to the CFA at least 14 calendar days prior to the effective date of implementation.”

This clause also requires that the contractor “provide access to all pertinent records and data requested by the Contracting Officer or a duly authorized representative as necessary to permit Government surveillance to ensure that the EVMS conforms, and continues to conform, with the performance criteria”  of the compliant system.

This clause is also used to specify the subcontractors that are also required to comply with the requirements of this clause.

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