FAR 52.234-2 Notice of EVMS Pre-Award IBR Clause

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FAR 52.234-2 Notice of EVMS Pre-Award IBR

FAR 52.234-2 Notice of EVMS Pre-Award IBR Clause – dated November 2016     

This FAR clause requires that at the time of solicitation, a contractor submit documentation that a Cognizant Federal Agency has determined that the proposed earned value management system (EVMS) complies with the EIA-748.  If the contractor does not have an EVM system that is in compliance with the EIA-748, the contractor must submit a comprehensive plan to achieve compliance with the 32 guidelines.  This clause also requires that major subcontractors be identified and that the contractor and the Government agree to the subcontractors selected for application of the EVMS guidelines.

An IBR requirement is also included as designated by the procuring agency prior to contract award.  “The objective of the IBR is for the Government and the contractor to jointly assess complete coverage of the contract requirements, logical scheduling of the work activities, adequate resources, methodologies for earned value (budgeted cost for work performed (BCWP)), and identification of inherent risks.”

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