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About Humphreys & Associates

Humphreys & Associates: Who We Are

Since 1978, Humphreys & Associates, Inc. has advocated and promoted the integration of technical, schedule, and cost components to achieve the full benefit of using a performance measurement system to enhance management visibility and control. We have a long tradition of leadership in the industry and providing a balance of proven and innovative EVMS processes to apply to project management challenges. This is reflected in our commitment to providing exceptional EVMS consulting services and training to every client.

Our Industry Experience

H&A's deep industry experience and knowledge base spans aerospace and defense, engineering and construction, utilities, energy, shipbuilding, scientific research, and cutting edge technology in design, development, and production environments. Humphreys & Associates consultants have worked with all branches of the US Department of Defense (DoD), the Department of Energy (DOE), NASA, other US government agencies, and foreign governments. We have supported over 850 companies and government agencies throughout the US, Australia, Canada, Europe, Asia, and South America. We have also provided training for nearly 900,000 individuals at all functional and management levels.

The Unique Approach

H&A is unique in the common sense approach we bring to organizing, planning, and controlling projects. We are able to maintain our objectivity in any environment because we have no allegiance to any specific organizational or contractual approach, software, or information system. We use proven methods and techniques that have been honed over decades of hands-on experience to achieve the most appropriate, timely, and cost effective results. Our solutions are always compliant with the EIA-748 Standard for Earned Value Management Systems. H&A is the preeminent source for EVMS expertise and solutions - both government and industry call us first when an EVMS issue must be resolved.

Our Commitment to Results

H&A provides tangible results in returning value on the investment in our services. We can quickly make a positive difference in project performance because we intrinsically understand what works regardless of the condition of the project control system or project execution phase.

H&A is dedicated to the ultimate success of every client. Our preeminent position and reputation in the performance measurement community is evidence of that commitment. H&A is proud of our long history of exceptional working relationships with our clients.

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