Agile for EVM Professionals

Agile for EVM Professionals 3-Day

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Agile for EVM Professionals 3-Day

Introduction to Workshop

  • Discussion of workshop background & approach
  • Agenda
  • Resumes

Agile & Earned Value Introduction (Stand-up Exercise #1)

  • Agile & Earned Value Experience

Teams & Working Agreements

  • Team Formation
  • Working Agreements

Workshop Roadmap

  • Choose  Your Own Adventure
  • Workshop Kanban Board

Workshop Background

  • Agile Mindset
  • Agile & EVM Terminology
  • Workshop Focus & Takeaways
  • Backwards Brain Bicycle

Introduction to Agile

  • Agile Adoption
  • Agile Manifesto
  • Agile Development Principles
  • Agile Methodologies

Single Piece Flow (Stand-up Exercise #2)

  • Batching
  • Single Piece Flow

Scrum Team Execution

  • Scrum Roles
  • Scrum Events
  • Scrum Artifacts

Agile for Software and Hardware

  • Structure of SW and HW Teams
  • Division of Work
  • Agile HW Challenges and Techniques

Agile Product Vision (Agile Case Study #12)

  • Develop a Product Vision for Assigned Product

Agile Product Planning

  • Possible Product Hierarchy
  • Agile Product Planning
  • Product Roadmaps
  • Product Vision
  • Identify Epics and Features

Refining & Prioritizing the Backlog Exercise

  • Backlog Prioritization Methods

Agile Story Development

  • The Elements of a User Story

Agile Story Development (Agile Case Study #13)

  • Decompose a Feature into User Stories
  • Define Acceptance Criteria and Definition of Done

Estimating Techniques

  • Agile Estimation Strategy
  • Estimation Techniques

Planning Poker Exercise

  • Estimate stories as a team

Large Scale Estimation

  • Estimating the Backlog
  • Traditional and Reference Large Scale Estimation
  • Normalizing Team Estimates

Traditional Large Scale Estimation (Stand-up Exercise #3)

  • Estimate the Entire Stealth Quad Program using Traditional LSE

The Game of Scrum (Stand-up Exercise #4)

  • Scrum Roles and Events Exercise

Software Program Management Process in Agile Environments

  • System Engineering Technical Reviews (SETR)
  • Adjustment to SETR for Agile (RBR)


  • DevOps Best Practices
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment

Scaling Agile

  • When to Scale
  • Multiple Frameworks for Scaling
  • Choosing the Right Framework
  • Scrum@Scale
  • SAFe ®

EVMS & Agile Side-by-Side

  • Agile to EVMS Hierarchy
  • Agile Flow
  • EVMS Flow
  • Comparisons

Organization and Work Definition in EVM & Agile

  • WBS/OBS/RAM and Agile Organization
  • Guidance in the Identification of Control Account Levels and Agile Hierarchy
  • EV / Agile Synchronization

Scheduling with EVM and Agile

  • EVM and Agile Scheduling
  • Recommended Agile Approach
  • IMS and Agile Planning

High-level EVMS Budgeting

  • Contract Budgets and Control Account Plans
  • Rolling Wave Planning and Agile Release Planning

Labor Cost Estimations

  • Using Run Rate and Conversion Factor to Calculate Cost and Duration
  • Time Phased Budgets
  • Work Authorization and Scrum Team Commitment

Agile Capacity Planning

  • Managing Core Skill Sets

Control Account, Work Package and QBD Exercise

  • EVMS to Agile Alignment
  • Determine Control Accounts, Work Packages and QBDs

Stealth Quad Establishing BCWS Exercise

  • Calculate Labor and Material Budget %
  • Establish Control Account & Work Package Labor & Material Budget

Measuring Accomplishment

  • Methods for Measuring Accomplishment
  • Earned Value at the Feature and Epic Level

Predictability Metrics

  • Sprint Goal
  • Planned to Done Ratio
  • Context Switching
  • Sprint Work Fluctuation
  • Velocity Consistency
  • Team Stability
  • Burdown/Burnup
  • Product Backlog Growth

Stability Metrics

  • Happiness
  • Heroism
  • Project Prioritization
  • Project Attrition Rate

Return on Investment Metrics

  • Business Value Per Sprint
  • Cost of Delay
  • Project Worthiness

Improvement Metrics

  • Effectiveness of Kaizens
  • Skill Growth
  • Agility Scale Assessment
  • Agility Adoption

Efficiency Metrics

  • Throughput Metric
  • Measure WIP & Shippable Product
  • Cycle Time
  • Takt Time
  • Lead Time

Quality Metrics

  • Impediment Resolution
  • Bugs/Fixes/Defects
  • Defect Discovery Phase
  • Defect Resolution Time

Value Delivery Metrics

  • Customer Net Promoter Score
  • Customer Survey

Analyzing Project Performance & Sprint Results

  • Story Point Completion
  • Stealth Quad Drone Actual Program Performance

Variance Analysis

  • Interpreting Cost and Schedule Variances
  • Data Capture from Agile / Scrum
  • Root Cause, Impact & Corrective Action Planning

Cost and Schedule Variance Exercise

  • Calculate Cost and Schedule Variances
  • Calculate CPI and SPI

Estimates, Indices and Forecasts

  • Developing EACs with Agile & Scrum
  • Using Performance Indices
  • Forecasting in Agile Projects
  • Forecast Change Scenarios

Baseline Change Control

  • The Importance of Baseline Management
  • EVMS Baseline Change Considerations
  • Scrum Guidelines
  • Baseline Change Scenarios
  • Achieving a Firm Baseline and Still Be Agile

Tools and Templates


Course Evaluation Sheet and Discussion


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