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Agile for EVM Professionals

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Agile for EVM Professionals

Introduction to Workshop

  • Discussion of workshop background & approach
  • Agenda
  • Resumes

Workshop Introduction (Stand-up Exercise #1)

  • Agile Story Concept

Workshop Background

  • Workshop Focus

Introduction to Agile Development

  • Agile Adoption
  • Agile Manifesto
  • Agile Development Principles
  • Agile Methodologies

Scrum Team Execution

  • Scrum Roles
  • Scrum Events
  • Scrum Artifacts
  • Scaled Agile Frameworks

Agile for Software and Hardware

  • Structure of SW and HW Teams
  • Division of Work
  • Agile HW Challenges and Techniques

Agile Flow (Stand-up Exercise #2)

  • Single Piece Flow

Agile Product Vision (Agile Case Study #12)

  • Develop a Product Vision for Assigned Product

Agile Product Planning

  • Possible Product Hierarchy
  • Agile Product Planning
  • Product Roadmaps

Product Roadmap Process

  • Develop a Product Roadmap for Assigned Product

Software Program Management Process in Agile Environments

  • System Engineering Technical Reviews (SETR)
  • Adjustment to SETR for Agile (RBR)

Release Planning

  • Features and Capabilities Mapping
  • Developing Story Maps

Product Features

  • Identify Epics and Capabilities
  • Break down Epics into Features
  • Narrate Epics and Features

Story Map Exercise

  • Create a Story Map

Agile Story Development

  • The Elements of a Story
  • The Role of the Product Owner
  • Use Case Analysis

Agile Story Development (Agile Case Study #13)

Estimating the Backlog

  • Sprint Stories/Story Points
  • Normalizing Estimates
  • Fibonacci Sequence and Planning Poker
  • Large Scale Estimation Techniques

Traditional Large Scale Estimation (Stand-up Exercise #3)

  • Estimate the Entire Project From One Feature Estimate

Duration and Cost Estimates

  • Run Rate / Conversion Factors
  • Calculating Duration

Estimating Story Points (Stand-up Exercise #4)

  • Sizing Exercise using Scrum Events

Refining & Prioritizing the Backlog

  • Refinement
  • Priority
  • Coordination/ Resolving Dependencies

Prioritizing the Backlog (Agile Case Study #14)

  • Develop Product Backlog Item (PBI) Priority for Assigned Project
  • MoSCoW Prioritization Exercise

Scaling Agile

  • Multiple Frameworks for Scaling
  • Scrum of Scrums (SoS)
  • Metascrums
  • Executive Action Team
  • Executive MetaScrum (EMS)

EVMS & Agile Side-by-Side

  • Agile Flow
  • EVMS Flow
  • Comparisons

Organization and Work Definition in EVM & Agile

  • WBS/OBS/RAM and Agile Organization
  • Guidance in the Identification of Control Account Levels and Agile Hierarchy
  • EV / Agile Synchronization

Scheduling with EVM and Agile

  • IMS is a Task Database
  • Essential EV / Agile Integrations
  • Agile Approaches for IMS

High-level EVMS Budgeting

  • Contract Budgets and Control Account Plans
  • Rolling Wave Planning and Agile Release Planning
  • Work Authorization and Scrum Team Commitment
  • Time Phased Budgets and Agile Staffing Plans

Agile Capacity Planning

  • Managing Core Skill Sets

Sprint Planning & Control Account Plans (Agile Case Study #15)

  • Using the Product Roadmap, Release Plans, and Story Maps for Sprint Planning
  • Developing a Control Account Plan in Agile Project

Measuring Accomplishment in Agile

  • Methods for Measuring Accomplishment
  • Where is the Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB)?
  • Handling Scope Increases/Decreases in Agile


  • Sprint Accomplishment Metrics
  • Burn Up, Burn Down, and Sprint Velocity, and Sprint Stability Metrics
  • Agile Metrics and EVM Calculations
  • Portfolio Metrics

Analyzing Project Performance & Sprint Results

  • Perform Analysis of Sample Data

Variance Analysis

  • Interpreting Cost and Schedule Variances
  • Data Capture from Agile / Scrum
  • Corrective Action Planning

Estimates, Indices and Forecasts

  • Developing EACs with Agile & Scrum
  • Using Performance Indices
  • Forecasting in Agile Projects

Baseline Change Control

  • The Importance of Baseline Management
  • Achieving a Firm baseline and still be Agile
  • How the Baseline is Affected by Various Changes

Implementing Agile in the EVMS Environment

  • Challenges & Successes
  • Tips and Guidance


Course Evaluation Sheet and Discussion

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