Agile and EVM: A Program Manager's Desk Guide

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Agile and EVM: A Program Manager's Desk Guide

Agile and EVM: A Program Manager's Desk Guide - dated November 17, 2020

The Office of Acquisition Analytics and Policy (AAP) Integrated Program Management (IPM) Division (AAP is now the Acquisition Data and Analytics (ADA) Integrated Program Management Division) produced this document as an informative resource for DoD personnel who encounter programs where Agile development philosophies and Earned Value Management (EVM) are applied. The document is not official policy, nor is it a step-by-step handbook for Agile implementation or the application of EVM. The document is intended to provide general guidance in the overall context of the DoD EVMS Interpretation Guide (EVMSIG).

Agile for software development in the DoD is still an emerging product development approach. To be effective, the adoption of Agile methodologies must be integrated with existing DoD program management (PM) and system engineering (SE) processes. The requirement for EVM demands that contractors maintain an EVMS consistent with the EIA-748 Standard. For DoD programs, EVMS implementations are evaluated in accordance with the EVMSIG. Agile and EVM are complementary when properly implemented together, and help enable a robust overall management process. Agile must be evaluated for its applicability on a program-specific basis and tailored to best align with program and contractual requirements.

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