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As the preeminent leader in EVMS training, Humphreys & Associates offers a Control Account Manager (CAM) Certification for those individuals who are dedicated to achieving a high level of competency as a CAM.  This rigorous certification program is designed to enhance on-the-job experience with comprehensive course work that culminates with an examination where the student must be able to demonstrate a high level of technical and analytical EVMS expertise.  Students that successfully complete the H&A CAM Certification program can provide tangible evidence of their ability to fulfill expectations and meet on the job requirements for CAMs in the most demanding project control environments.

Upcoming CAM Certification Courses

Course Name Course Location Course Date Action
CAM Certification Online Start Anytime. Exams Offered Quarterly View Course Details

CAM Certification Course Overview

This fast paced and intensive certification program is ideal for EVM Project Managers looking to improve their earned value management (EVM) expertise and who wants to distinguish themselves from their peers with an elite certification.  The course work spans the five EVMS guideline groupings in the EIA-748 Standard for Earned Value Management Systems.  This includes Organization, Planning, Scheduling and Budgeting, Accounting Considerations, Analysis and Management Reports, and Revisions and Data Maintenance.  Risk management topics are also incorporated with an emphasis on data integrity and traceability.  Throughout the course work, EVM best practices and the use of EVMS data are highlighted along with insights, methods, and approaches which result in better management and decision making.  Extensive case studies and exercises are used to reinforce concepts and to hone analytical skills.

Each student will receive:
  • a binder with course materials
  • a copy of the Project Management Using Earned Value textbook
  • a copy of the H&A Pocket Guide to Project Management Using Earned Value.

Options for CAM Certification Course Work

There are two options for completing the certification program course work.  Both require the student to complete independent study course work using the Project Management Using Earned Value textbook.

  1. Five Day Intensive Classroom Instruction.  Two H&A instructors conduct these five day courses on a quarterly basis at different locations throughout the US.  These courses are ideal for anyone who would like to complete the course work in the shortest amount of time.  View Five Day Intensive Classroom Agenda

  2. Self-paced Online Course. Online course work complemented with an instructor led web session.  These courses start anytime, combining self-paced and instructor led instruction. CAM Certification exams are then offered quarterly.  This option is ideal for anyone with limited time or budget; no time away from the job or travel is required.  View Online Course Details

What are the CAM Certification Steps? 

  1. Complete the CAM Certification application.  To apply, you will need a minimum of one year of CAM or project management related on the job experience and a bachelors degree from an accredited college or university.  It is highly recommended that the student be familiar with EVM terminology. Select a Course and Apply Now

  2. Complete the five day intensive classroom instruction or online course work along with independent study activities to prepare for the exam.

  3. Take a proctored, six to eight hour exit examination which includes multiple choice questions (part 1) and a written case study (part 2). The exams will be offered online on specific dates and times each quarter. In order to pass the exam in it's entirety, vou must have a 70% or higher grade.

Why the H&A CAM Certification Program?

  • Demonstrates a level of EVM expertise.  Provides an independent verification of a CAM’s level of competence.  It provides employers with a higher level of certainty about the qualifications and readiness of the person to successfully perform the role of a CAM.

  • Learn from the experts.  H&A uses the most senior consultants for the certification program because they have decades of hands-on experience training and mentoring CAMs for all types of project and EVMS reviews.  They know the level of rigor and expertise required to achieve a high level of excellence as a CAM.

  • Quality, in-depth content.  H&A focuses on the core EVM principles and producing quality data that can make a difference to proactively manage project work effort.

  • Gain a broader and deeper base of EVM knowledge.  Questions and answers with the instructors provide additional insight into practical approaches, useful techniques, and solving common issues gleaned from their years of experience.  H&A instructors use what they teach on a day-to-day basis and are grounded in real-world situations and solutions.

Key Features of the H&A CAM Certification:

  • Fast paced, team learning environment or self-paced learning environment – you choose what works for you.

  • Focused, intensive course work that reduces the time and cost to achieve a certification.

  • Rigorous training process quickly enhances EVM knowledge base and analytical skills that can be immediately applied to day-to-day project management activities.

  • Professional credibility that can be leveraged for more and better opportunities.

  • Earn AACEI or PMI course credits (CEUs or PDUs).

Download the CAM Certification Datasheet PDF

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