Cost and Software Data Reporting (CSDR)

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Data Item Descriptions
Cost and Software Data Reporting (CSDR)

Cost and Software Data Reporting (CSDR)

CSDRs are the primary means the Department of Defense (DoD) uses to collect data on the costs that contractors incur on DoD programs. CSDR reporting and processing requirements are determined by program category (Acquisition Category or ACAT) and the value of individual contracts and subcontracts within the program. Programs are classified according to estimated dollar value for Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E), production, annual acquisition and life-cycle costs. Contractor Cost Data Report (CCDR) requirements are the same for all contracts and subcontracts within all categories. CSDR requirements are placed on ACAT I programs. The services have discretion in applying CCDR requirements to ACAT II and ACAT III programs.

There are a series of Data Item Descriptions (DIDs) for this reporting requirement. These include:

  • Contract WBS Dictionary and Index: DI-MGMT-81334D (May 2011)
  • Cost Data Summary Report: DI-FNCL-81565C (May 2011), DD Form 1921
  • Functional Cost-Hour Report: DI-FNCL-81566C (May 2011), DD Form 1921-1
  • Progress Curve Report: DI-FNCL-81567C (May 2011), DD Form 1921-2
  • Contractor Business Data Report: DI-FNCL-81765B (May 2011), DD Form 1921-3 (Excel)
  • Sustainment Functional Cost-Hour Report: DI-FNCL-81992 (September 2015), DD Form 1921-5
  • Software Development Report: DI-MGMT-82035 (June 2016), DD Form 3026-1
  • Software Maintenance Report: DI-MGMT-82035 (June 2016), DD Form 3026-2

For more information about the CSDR requirements, see:

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