DCMA-INST 208 EVMS Compliance Reviews

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DCMA-INST 208 EVMS Compliance Reviews

DCMA-INST 208 EVMS Compliance Reviews – dated April 9, 2014, Change 1, March 2017

This DCMA instruction establishes the policy, responsibilities, and procedures that DCMA uses to verify compliance with the EIA-748 Standard for Earned Value Management Systems in accordance with the DFARS 242.302 (Reference (d)) that stipulates DCMA contract administration responsibilities including EVMS compliance. This is a useful document to gain an understanding of the DoD EVMS compliance review process.

Chapter 1 discusses the applicable policy that establishes DCMA’s authority and responsibilities related to compliance reviews. Chapter 2 discusses the roles and responsibilities of the various DCMA entities in the compliance review process. Chapter 3 discusses the compliance review (CR) process and the eight compliance review execution steps.

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