Earned Value Management Systems Acceptance Guide, Revision 3

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Earned Value Management System Acceptance Guide

Earned Value Management Systems Acceptance Guide, Revision 4 - dated 27 January 2023

“The intent of this guide is to establish a process and provide guidance for the design, implementation, review, demonstration, and formal acceptance of an EVMS used to manage capital asset programs/projects. This guide defines an evaluation and acceptance process whereby an EVM system owner/user (government or industry) with a first-time or subsequent requirement to comply with the EVMS Guidelines can accomplish the following:

  • Understand the need for and effectively design an EVMS;
  • Evaluate the EVMS User’s capability to demonstrate compliance with the EVMS Guidelines;
  • Successfully implement the EVMS on the requiring capital asset projects;
  • Prepare processes and provide substantiating implementation documentation for evaluation and implementation;
  • Obtain EVMS compliance recognition that will satisfy current and future requirements for an approved EVMS;
  • Perform self evaluations to ensure readiness prior to a compliance evaluation review.”

Appendices in the guide include examples of documentation subject to review and an example of a compliance recognition document.

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