EVMS Center Business Practice 4: EVMS Surveillance

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EVMS Center Business Practice 4: EVMS Surveillance

EVMS Center Business Practice 4: EVMS Surveillance - dated 16 February 2021

DCMA Business Practice (BP) 4 defines the process to evaluate contractor EVMS compliance with the EIA-748 EVMS Standard through continuing surveillance. EVMS assessments are conducted in accordance with the applicable overarching DCMA surveillance policies (DCMA Manual 2301-01, Contractor Business Systems, and 2303-01, Surveillance) as well as the requirements of this BP at all contractor sites where there is a contractual requirement for EVMS oversight. The EVMS surveillance process can be summarized into three phases: 1) Plan, 2) Conduct, and 3) Report. The DCMA surveillance process does not replace the contractor's internal EVMS surveillance process or remove the contractor's responsibility to implement and maintain an approved EVMS. DCMA's surveillance may leverage reports and findings from the contractor's internal surveillance activities. There are four related attachments for this BP.

The complete set of BPs and attachments can be downloaded from the DCMA EVMS Center web site: https://www.dcma.mil/HQ/EVMS/.