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EVMS Acronyms EVMS Terms
AA Advance Agreement
AC Actual Cost
ACO Administrative Contracting Officer
ACWP Actual Cost of Work Performed
ADM Arrow Diagramming Method
AE Apportioned Effort
AUW Authorized Unpriced Work
BAC Budget at Completion
BCR Baseline Change Request
BCWP Budgeted Cost for Work Performed
BCWR Budgeted Cost of Work Remaining
BCWS Budgeted Cost for Work Scheduled
BEI Baseline Execution Index
BOE Basis of Estimate
BOM Bill of Material
CA Control Account
CADS Cost Accounting Disclosure Statement
CAGE Commercial and Government Entity
CAM Control Account Manager
CAP Control Account Plan or Corrective Action Plan
CAR Corrective Action Request
CAS Cost Accounting Standards
CBB Contract Budget Base
CCDR Contractor Cost Data Reports
CDR Critical Design Review
CDRL Contract Data Requirements List
CEI Contract End Item, also Current Execution Index
CFA Cognizant Federal Agency
CFE Contractor Furnished Equipment
CFSR Contract Funds Status Report
CLIN Contract Line Item Number
COM Cost of Money
CMO Contract Management Office
CP Critical Path
CPAF Cost Plus Award Fee
CPFF Cost Plus Fixed Fee
CPI Cost Performance Index
CPIF Cost Plus Incentive Fee
CPLI Critical Path Length Index
CPM Critical Path Method
CPR Contract Performance Report
CR Compliance Review
CRI Compliance Review Instructions
CSDR Cost and Software Data Reporting
CTC Contract Target Cost
CTP Contract Target Price
CV Cost Variance
CWBS Contract Work Breakdown Structure
DB Distributed Budget
DCAA Defense Contract Audit Agency
DCMA Defense Contract Management Agency
DID Data Item Description
DR Discrepancy Report
EAC Estimate at Completion
ECD Estimated Completion Date
ECP Engineering Change Proposal
EF Early Finish
EOC Element of Cost
EIA Electronic Industries Alliance
ES Early Start
ETC Estimate to Complete
EV Earned Value
EVM Earned Value Management
EVMIG Earned Value Management Implementation Guide
EVMS Earned Value Management Systems
EVMSG Earned Value Management System Guidelines
EVT Earned Value Technique
FF Finish-to-Finish
FF Free Float
FFP Firm Fixed Price
FPI Fixed Price Incentive
FS Finish to Start
G&A General and Administrative
GAO Government Accountability Office
GASP Generally Accepted Scheduling Principles
GFE Government Furnished Equipment
IBR Integrated Baseline Review
IEAC Independent Estimate at Completion
IECD Independent Estimated Completion Date
IMP Integrated Master Plan
IMS Integrated Master Schedule
IPMR Integrated Program Management Report
IPT Integrated Product Team (Work Team)
IPTL Integrated Product Team Lead
IR Implementation Review
IV Initial Visit
LF Late Finish
LOA Letter of Acceptance
LOB Line Of Balance
LOE Level of Effort
LS Late Start
MIL-STD Military Standard
MPS Master Project Schedule
MR Management Reserve
MTC Months to Complete
MTD Months to Date
NDIA National Defense Industrial Association
NTE Not to Exceed
OBS Organization Breakdown Structure
ODC Other Direct Costs
OH Overhead
OTB Over Target Baseline
OTS Over Target Schedule
PASEG Planning and Scheduling Excellence Guide
PDM Precedence Diagramming Method
PAV Progress Assistance Visit
PCO Procuring Contracting Officer
PDR Preliminary Design Review
PERT Program Evaluation and Review Technique
PM Project Manager or Program Manager
PMB Performance Measurement Baseline
PMO Project Management Office or Program Management Office
PMSC NDIA Program Management Systems Committee
PO Purchase Order
PP Planning Package
PV Planned Value
PV Price Variance
PVR Planned Value Remaining
RA Readiness Assessment
RAM Responsibility Assignment Matrix
RFC Review for Cause
RFI Request for Information
RFP Request for Proposal
RFQ Request for Quotation
SA Self Assessment
SDRL Subcontractor Data Requirements List
SF Start-to-Finish
SLPP Summary Level Planning Package
SOO Statement of Objectives
SOW Statement of Work
SPI Schedule Performance Index
SQA Software Quality Assurance
SRA Schedule Risk Assessment
SS Start-to-Start
SSI Standard Surveillance Instruction
SV Schedule Variance
TAB Total Allocated Budget
TCPI To Complete Performance Index
TF Total Float
TFCI Total Float Consumption Index
UB Undistributed Budget
UCA Undefinitized Contract Action
UN/CEFACT United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business
UV Usage Variance
VAC Variance at Completion
VR Validation Review
VAR Variance Analysis Report
WBS Work Breakdown Structure
WP Work Package


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