EVMS Center Business Practice 1: Pre-Award EVMS Plan Review

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EVMS Center Business Practice 1: EVMS Pre-Award Support

EVMS Center Business Practice 1: EVMS Pre-Award Support - dated 16 February 2021

DCMA Business Practice (BP) 1 defines the process to review contractor proposals to implement a compliant EVMS. When an offeror submits a cost or incentive contract proposal valued between $20,000,000 and $100,000,000 and proposes to use an EVMS that the Cognizant Federal Agency (CFA) has not previously determined to be compliant with the EIA-748 EVMS Standard, an EVMS Plan or a description of proposed management procedures is required. Contract proposals which are valued above $100,000,000 require a more comprehensive assessment. There are three related attachments for this BP.

The complete set of BPs and attachments can be downloaded from the DCMA EVMS Center web site: https://www.dcma.mil/HQ/EVMS/.