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Step 8: EVMS Staff Augmentation

If you have an immediate need for longer term earned valued management schedule, cost, or risk professionals in your organization, Humphreys & Associates has a roster of talented staff with expert knowledge and experience. Our staff can provide in-house support to assist your project team. Our staff are experienced users of commercial off the shelf (COTS) project management toolsets. They can help you develop, enhance, or maintain an integrated master schedule, performance measurement baseline, or estimate to complete data. They can assist with performing data traces, data quality assessments, or detailed analysis of the schedule and cost data.

Listed below are just a few of the discipline areas we can augment:

  • Planning and scheduling
  • Cost collection, budgeting and accounting
  • Data analysis
  • Developing reports
  • EVMS surveillance
  • In-house training
  • Developing procedures or desktop instructions

Experience the Benefits of H&A’s EVMS Staff Augmentation

  • Assured a high level of expertise. H&A closely matches the skill set of the resources we provide to your needs. H&A screens and tests all consultants before they become a part of the H&A roster of consultants.
  • Ability to quickly blend into your work environment. H&A can provide the subject matter experts to the immediate benefit or your project team.
  • Quickly adjust to the needs of a project. H&A resources can come and go as directed to support project surge periods such as during a proposal phase, project start up after contract award, developing the schedule and cost baseline, preparing for an Integrated Baseline Review (IBR), or as part of a monthly performance analysis and reporting cycle.

Several Features of EVMS Staff Augmentation:

  • Proven source for hard to find EVM professionals
  • Ability to support process, toolset, or training needs
  • Access to H&A subject matter experts as well as H&A's library of reference and training materials

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