Industry Practice Guide for Agile on EVM Programs

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Industry Practice Guide for Agile on EVM Programs

Industry Practice Guide for Agile on EVM Programs, Revision 1.3 – dated 26 May 2019

Agile has emerged as a leading industry software development methodology, and has seen growing adoption across the DoD as well as other federal agencies. This guide discusses industry practices drawn from lessons learned by aerospace and defense firms and their software development activities. It discusses a recommended structure for the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Integrated Master Plan (IMP) and Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) content as well as the control accounts, work packages, and planning packages to be used on an agile development program. Program performance measurement in an agile iterative development framework is also defined along with baseline change control. Appendix A in the guide includes an EVM Agile Data Dictionary, with both agile and EVM terms and definitions. Appendix B provides examples of EVM agile progress report charts. This edition added an appendix that elaborates on the Agile project planning process and integrating it with the EVM planning process.

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