Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) Guide Revision 4

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Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) Guide Revision 4

Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) Guide Revision 4 - dated 11 January 2023

The purpose of the NDIA Integrated Program Management Division (IPMD) IBR Guide is to provide guidance for Customer and Supplier program managers as well as their teams for the preparation and execution of an IBR. The guide discusses the purpose and scope of an IBR, the types of IBRs, when and how each should be conducted, and the necessity to make the IBR an element of the ongoing project management process. This guide integrates the IBR process with risk and opportunity management practices and is intended to improve the consistency of the IBR process for all users.

The document is a useful guide for program managers and is intended to be used along with applicable agency instructions, during IBR training, in preparation for an IBR, and during the IBR event. Sections 2 through 6 in the guide provide a definition and description of the five phases of the IBR:

  1. IBR Initiating Event
  2. IBR Preparation – Readiness Checkpoint 1
  3. IBR Preparation – Readiness Checkpoint 2
  4. IBR Event
  5. IBR Closure

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