IPMR - DI-MGMT-81861 DOE Version

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Data Item Descriptions
IPMR - DI-MGMT-81861 DOE Version

IPMR - DI-MGMT-81861 – DOE Version dated June 2015

The Integrated Program Management Report as described in Data Item Description DI-MGMT-81861 (Department of Energy Version) is a contractually required report to the customer, and supersedes the Contract Performance Report defined in Data Item Description (DID) DI-MGMT-81466A.

The DOE issued a tailored version of this Data Item Description to meet its reporting requirements. The document contains the same basic requirements with additional guidance when DOE Order 413.3 is not applicable. One notable exception is that DOE requires a monthly Format 7 submittal. The formats are submitted electronically to the DOE PARS II Central Repository.

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