NASA IPMR Data Requirements Description (DRD)

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NASA IPMR Data Requirements Description (DRD)

NASA IPMR Data Requirements Description (DRD) - dated November 2021

This guide discusses the applications of the Integrated Program Management Report (IPMR), describes how to tailor it for use in NASA's Data Requirements Description (DRD) acquisition process, and provides clarification on the intent of the IPMR. This guide is applicable to all NASA contracts with a requirement for the IPMR.

“The IPMR is the primary means of communicating cost and schedule information between the contractor and NASA. The IPMR should always be carefully tailored to meet the needs of each individual project and should reflect how the contractor is implementing the seven formats as a project management tool to manage the contract's performance.

The primary challenge for NASA is to tailor the format reporting to actionable information for making management decisions. Careful attention is required during the solicitation/proposal and contract definitization stages to prepare the IPMR DRD.

The purpose of the guide is to support the DRD preparer in developing an IPMR DRD that supports NASA project management. It provides insight into the IPMR, identifies options for tailoring and defines instructions that must be specified for the supplier.”

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