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Office of Project Management EPASOP

Office of Project Management (PM) EVMS and Project Analysis Standard Operating Procedure (EPASOP) - dated January 14, 2020

The Department of Energy's Office of Project Management (PM) Project Analysts perform project-level analysis to support their Independent Monthly Project Assessments that are entered into DOE's Project Assessment and Reporting System (PARS). This EVMS and Project Analysis Standard Operating Procedure (EPASOP) provides guidance on the analysis process, using PARS dashboards, views, charts, and reports, as well as the PARS Project Summary Excel file to adequately assess the contractor's EV cost and schedule data at the Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB) level which is a step towards Performance Baseline (PB) analysis. This SOP may also be helpful for others who conduct project performance analysis at the PMB level or where EVMS knowledge and application are required.

For programs containing multiple projects, this project analysis plan focuses on conducting the analysis at the lowest level to identify performance issues at the project, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), and Control Account (CA) levels. It is not unusual when conducting analysis at too high of a level to miss a growing concern on one project's performance that was masked by another project's favorable performance.

An integral part of successful project management is having current, accurate, complete, repeatable, auditable, and compliant data. Project managers and their teams perform best when they are well informed. The goal of EVM analysis is to provide consistent and timely insight into project status to enable timely, effective management decisions. In conjunction with conducting project analysis, the health of the contractor's EVMS is assessed through analysis of cost and schedule data. This SOP covers analysis primarily from a project performance level; however, where a contractor's EVMS compliance may be of concern, the Project Analyst should alert the Office of Program Management so they may conduct more detailed testing of data using the compliance tests in the ECRSOP.

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