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Pocket Guide to Project Management Using Earned Value - DOE Version

Number of Pages: 28Dimensions: 7 x 4 x 0.15 inches

Price: $3.00

DOE Version

United States of America Department of Energy Seal

This pocket sized guide is designed to provide a quick reference to understanding the use of a performance measurement system.  Performance measurement is an achievement oriented management system/approach using the Earned Value (EV) concept.  This pocket guide is carried daily by many EV professionals and is frequently used to remind them of the equations and relationships of key project performance metrics.  The booklet includes clear, concise definitions of common terms, a comprehensive list of formulas to calculate earned value metrics as well as abbreviations and acronyms.  This a quick reference guide to earned value management (EVM) including work organization, work authorization, scheduling, budgeting, cost accumulation, performance measurement, variance analysis, revisions, and internal surveillance. This DOE version has been modified to cover unique DOE terminologies such as Total Project Cost (TPC)  and Total Estimated Cost (TEC). 

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