Project Controls Manager

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Project Controls Manager (PCM)

The Project Control Manager facilitates all EVM Project activities and provides the liaison between the project management team and the finance team. The manager works with the CAMs to manage day-to-day operations of the EVMS.

Typically, this includes statusing work, scope, reporting variance, and developing Corrective Action Plans. Next to the CAM’s, the project control managers role is the most important EVMS function.

Other EVMS responsibilities include:

  • Assists the Project Manager with financial management of the project through use of EVM analysis and corrective action planning
  • Ensures that EVM procedures are followed and creates project-specific procedures as required
  • Performs project-specific EVMS training
  • Coordinates Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) and other EVM reviews, Surveillance Visits, etc.
  • Works with the Project Manager and CAMs to ensure integrity of the WBS and project schedule
  • Coordinates creation of WBS Dictionary and Work Authorization Documents with the Project Manager
  • Advises Financial Analyst (FA) when and what charge codes to open and close
  • Works with Project Manager and CAMs to establish the PMB
  • Interfaces with Scheduler to ensure that schedule data are consistent with PMB data
  • Establishes and maintains Management Reserve Log, Undistributed Budget Log, and CBB Log
  • Coordinates and implements project scope changes EVMS tools
  • Facilitates in CAM’s statusing of performance, budget detailing, and variance analysis
  • Validates and ensures the integrity of the data received from the CAMs
  • Monitors and ensures integrity of ETCs and EACs
  • Monitors and ensures integrity of the Risk Register, Risk Scoring Matrix, etc.
  • Assists Project Manager and CAMs with any cost/schedule issues and documentation
  • Assists Project Manager and CAMs in establishing variance reporting thresholds
  • Identifies Control Accounts requiring variance explanations
  • Evaluates VARs and escalates critical ones to the attention of the Project Manager
  • Develops and provides Integrated Program Management Report (IPMR) and Contract Funds Status Report (CFSR) submissions and CBB Log reconciliations for PM signature
  • Maintains historical files of reports and other pertinent data; at a minimum, on a monthly basis
  • Supports all IBR and Surveillance Visits, system reviews, as required
  • Develops storyboards for EVM training and customer reviews.