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Scheduling Services

Planning and Scheduling

Earned Value Management Planning and Earned Value Management Scheduling Overview

Humphreys & Associates’ experienced consultants provide direct support to client programs in the areas of schedule development and maintenance, as well as advisory and mentoring services to existing integrated program scheduling staff.

H&A can provide the following consulting support to your company in the areas of scheduling processes and procedures schedule health and risk assessment, subcontractor schedule data and tool integration, and EV compliance.

In addition, H&A has dedicated consultants that specialize in helping contractors set up projects during both the proposal and post-award phases.

Direct project support includes the following:

  • Scheduling in an EVM environment
  • Setting up the project
    • Work Breakdown Structure development, review, streamline
    • Identify key project control points for management visibility
  • Subcontractor data integration
    • Review and assessment of subcontractor schedules
    • Integration process
    • Incorporation EV data from subcontractor with EV flow down requirements
    • Maintaining EV compliance
  • Project schedule quality and health assessments
  • Schedule Acceleration
  • Baseline Change maintenance and management
  • Reprogramming
  • Government Compliance
  • Cost/Schedule integration
  • Trend Analysis
  • Monthly Business Rhythm development and optimization
    • Statusing process & cycle
    • Performance assessment
    • Forecasting & ETC/EAC development

Advisory services

  • Training
    • Scheduling Best Practices
    • Managing Schedule Risk
    • Scheduling Tools
  • Requirements assessments (gap analysis)
  • Mock reviews/audits
  • Project turnaround analysis
  • EV compliance
    • IPMR/CPR submittals
    • Processes and procedures
    • Team assessments

Scheduling Consultation

H&A will provide scheduling consultation support to your company with regards to enhancements required of the scheduling process, tools and architecture, in alignment with scheduling best practice industry standards Planning & Scheduling Excellence Guide (PASEG), and the Generally Accepted Scheduling Principles (GASP). Additional consideration and direction specific to EVMS compliance will be provided where applicable.

Improvement recommendations will be provided to the Project Controls team or Project Management Office, including the Baseline Management and Scheduling organization.

Specific examples of support to be provided will include:

  • Deliverable Support – Support development and submittal of a compliant IPMR Format 6 and Format 5 (IMS Discussion)
  • Assist the program management team with defining and conducting a monthly IMS Analysis Briefing (prior to monthly CDRL deliverables).
  • Subcontractor Flow down of scheduling requirements
  • Scheduling Health Assessment Support - Support and contribute to the development of an EVMS schedule surveillance.
  • EAC analysis and turnaround direction
  • Provide training to the project personnel identified as needing more formal training.



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