EIA-748-C Standard for Earned Value Management Systems

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EIA-748-C Standard for Earned Value Management Systems – dated March 2013

This document is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without permission. A copy of the standard may be purchased from Tech America (www.techamerica.org). Purchase a single copy for personal use ($65.00) or a site license. [013]

The EIA-748-C contains a set of 32 guidelines that defines the requirements that an Earned Value Management System (EVMS) must meet and is the governing document for its application.  The 32 EVMS Guidelines incorporate best business practices for project management systems that have proven to provide strong benefits for project planning and control.  The processes include integration of project scope, schedule, and cost objectives, establishment of an integrated baseline plan for accomplishment of project objectives, and use of earned value techniques for performance measurement during the execution of a project.  The system provides a sound basis for problem identification, corrective actions, and management replanning.

The EIA-748-C contains explanations of the guideline requirements, a glossary of common Earned Value terminology and an overview of the EVMS process. The process discussions in the document provide further information on the application of the guidelines. The guidelines are expressed in fundamental terms and provide flexibility for an individual organization to optimize its system and thereby be fully accountable for its effectiveness and usage.

The EIA-748-C does not change any of the implementation, reporting, surveillance, or enforcement aspects of the Earned Value Management System requirements but does provide clarification in several areas.  This revision also includes new material about budget element hierarchy, specifically defines rate and usage variance formulas, emphasizes risk and opportunity assessments and management, and includes references to the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) guides related to Earned Value Management Systems.  

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