FAR Subpart 34.2 Earned Value Management System

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FAR Subpart 34.2

FAR Subpart 34.2 Earned Value Management System

This FAR subpart states the federal policy that an Earned Value Management System (EVMS) is required for major acquisitions for development in accordance with OMB Circular A-11. The government may also require an EVMS for other acquisitions, in accordance with agency procedures. It also discusses Integrated Baseline Reviews (IBRs) and lists the three applicable solicitation provision and contract clauses (FAR 52.234-2, 52.234-3, and 52.234-4).

As specified in this FAR clause, agencies have the option of defining their EVMS requirements with agency supplements to the FAR with specific instructions, orders, and guides in accordance with the OMB Circular A-11. Agencies with supplemental guidance include DoD, DOE, NASA, and HHS. Agencies without supplemental guidance reference this FAR subpart and the related FAR solicitation or contract clauses.

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