DOE CPP Upload Requirements for PARS

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DOE CPP Upload Requirements for PARS

DOE Contractor Project Performance (CPP) Upload Requirements for Project Assessment and Reporting System (PARS), dated 25 October 2018

This document defines the monthly submission of contractor project performance data required by the Department of Energy (DOE) as of the publication date. It provides the necessary information regarding the business rules for generating the data in the required formats. It is intended to be used by DOE contractors and their Project Management and Information Technology (IT) staff to generate and submit the contractor's data. Programmers should refer to Section 5, "Technical Data Requirements for Programmers" to obtain detailed information on the table layouts and data elements and to Section 6.2 for Upload Calculations.

The Project Assessment and Reporting System (PARS) is used to produce project-wide performance metrics and project management reports. DOE contractors submit performance data on a monthly basis for all projects in PARS, unless the requirement has been waived by DOE. This reporting requirement for the Contractor begins after approval of the project's Critical Decision (CD)-2 milestone.

All contract and project data submitted to DOE are official data and are subject to verification through audit. All data submitted by Contractors are handled as sensitive private communications and are not provided to other parties other than official DOE or OMB requestors. Data are maintained on physically firewalled and electronically password protected servers. System access is limited to appropriate personnel involved in project oversight or earned value processing. Every reasonable effort is taken to ensure continuous privacy of all submitted data.

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