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Agile Coaching Services

Observe and Improve Scrum Team Events

Attend the Scrum Team events in a Sprint including Daily Standups, Sprint Planning, Sprint Reviews, and Retrospectives as well as Backlog Refinement sessions to evaluate the maturity of the Agile transformation. The Agile Coaches will be reflective observers of the events, notice team interactions and reactions and provide perspective that may not have otherwise been noticed.

H&A will provide hands-on expertise, facilitate scrum events and pair with identified Agile leaders to build or strengthen the Agile practice. H&A’s objective is to develop self-reliant internal coaches who can servant lead Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and Development Team Members into hyper-performing states using Agile best practices. This presents the opportunity for the teams to grow in their ability to embody Scrum Principles, adapt to change, and come up with innovative, workable solutions.

Product Owner Cycle Coaching

Hands on practical coaching of best practices for developing a product vision, creating product roadmaps, conducting story mapping, using release planning, learning prioritization techniques, incorporating definition of done and acceptance criteria in the vertical slicing of user stories in backlog refinement.

Scrum Master Cycle Coaching

Hands on practical coaching of best practices for resolving impediments, developing hyper-performing teams through Shu-Ha-Ri states, fostering cross-functionality on teams with multi-disciplined members, identifying scrum anti-patterns, practicing servant-leadership, coaching the development team and product owner, and communicating with leadership.

Development Team Member Coaching

Hands on practical coaching to help team members develop a basic understanding of “why Scrum”. Establish team norms and working agreements, create a team vision, conduct a skills gap analysis, and coach best practices for pairing, swarming, and the importance of Scrum events, roles and artifacts.

Agile Practice and Executive Action Team Coaching

Facilitate discussion on the importance of the development of an Agile Transformation backlog and the difference between the Agile Practice Team and the Executive Action Team. These teams allow the organization to focus on improving the flow of solutions through the value stream resulting in better practices, leaner processes, happier teams, and shorter development cycles.

Community of Practice Coaching

Identify skill areas that would benefit from deep, collaborative, shared learning and provide expertise and advice on forming or boosting Community of Practices (COPs).

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