NPD 7120.5E, NASA Space Flight Program and Project Management Requirements

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NPD 7120.5E, NASA Space Flight Program and Project Management Requirements

NPD 7120.5E, NASA Space Flight Program and Project Management Requirements - August 2012

This document establishes the requirements that NASA uses to formulate and implement space flight programs and projects, consistent with the governance model contained in NASA Policy Directive (NPD) 1000.0, NASA Governance and Strategic Management Handbook. The document is applicable to NASA Headquarters and NASA Centers, including Component Facilities and Technical and Service Support Centers. It applies to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, other contractors, and all NASA space flight programs and projects. This NPR also applies to reimbursable space flight programs and projects performed for non-NASA sponsors and to NASA contributions to space flight programs and projects performed with international and interagency partners.

The discussion about earned value management requirements can be found in Section 2.2, Program and Project Lifecycle. Section 2.2.8 states in part that: “Projects in phases C and D (and programs at the discretion of the MDAA) with a life-cycle cost estimated to be greater than $20 million and Phase E project modifications, enhancements, or upgrades with an estimated development cost greater than $20 million shall perform earned value management (EVM) with an EVM system that complies with the guidelines in EIA-748, Standard for Earned Value Management Systems.”

Section states that: “EVM system requirements shall be applied to appropriate suppliers, in accordance with the NASA Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Supplement, and to in-house work elements. For contracts that require EVM, a Contract Performance Report (CPR), Integrated Master Schedule (IMS), and a WBS are required deliverables with the appropriate data requirements descriptions (DRDs) included in the contract and/or agreement.”

Section states that: “For projects requiring EVM, Mission Directorates shall conduct a pre-approval integrated baseline review as part of their preparations for KDP C to ensure that the project’s work is properly linked with its cost, schedule, and risk and that the management processes are in place to conduct project-level EVM.”

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