Agile for EVM Professionals 2-Day

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Agile for EVM Professionals 2-Day

Introduction to Workshop

  • Introduction to Workshop Kanban
  • Agenda
  • Resumes

Agile & Earned Value Introduction (Stand-up Exercise)

  • Agile & Earned Value Experience

Teams & Working Agreements

  • Team Formation
  • Working Agreements

Introduction to Agile & Scrum

  • Agile Mindset
  • Agile Manifesto
  • 12 Agile Principles
  • Introduction to Scrum

Scrum Team Execution

  • Scrum Roles
  • Scrum Events
  • Scrum Artifacts

Development Cycle and Team Composition

  • Structure of Waterfall and Agile teams
  • Development Cycle
  • Iterative Technical Reviews

Team Level Metrics

  • Predictability Metrics
  • Stability Metrics

Scaling Agile

  • When to Scale
  • Multiple Frameworks for Scaling

Scaled Metrics

  • Predictability Metrics
  • Improvement Metrics
  • Efficiency Metrics
  • Quality Metrics

Agile Capacity Planning

  • Planning for Core Skill Sets and Stable Teams

Agile Product Roadmap Development

  • Agile Planning Myths
  • Possible Product Hierarchy
  • Product Roadmap Development

Agile Product Vision (Agile Case Study #12)

  • Develop a Product Vision for Assigned Product

Refining & Prioritizing the Backlog Exercise

  • Backlog Prioritization Methods

Agile Story Development

  • The Elements of a User Story

Agile Story Development (Agile Case Study #13)

  • Decompose a Feature into User Stories
  • Define Acceptance Criteria and Definition of Done

Planning Poker Exercise

  • Estimate Stories as a Team

The Game of Scrum (Stand-up Exercise #4)

  • Scrum Roles and Events Exercise

Large Scale Estimation

  • Estimating the Backlog
  • Traditional and Reference Large Scale Estimation
  • Normalizing Team Estimates

Traditional Large Scale Estimation (Stand-up Exercise #3)

  • Estimate the Stealth Quad Program using Traditional LSE

Review of Earned Value Fundamentals

  • EVMS Guidelines
  • WBS/OBS/RAM and Agile Organization
  • Rolling Wave Planning
  • Contract Level Terms

EVMS & Agile

  • Perceived Conflicts Between EV & Agile
  • Agile to EVMS Hierarchy

Control Account, Work Package and QBD Exercise

  • EVMS to Agile Alignment
  • Determine Control Accounts, Work Packages and QBDs

Scheduling with EVM and Agile

  • Recommended Agile Approach
  • IMS and Agile Planning

Labor Cost Estimations

  • Using Run Rate and Conversion Factor to Calculate Cost and Duration
  • Time Phased Budgets

Stealth Quad Establishing BCWS Exercise

  • Calculate Labor and Material Budget %
  • Establish Control Account & Work Package Labor & Material Budget

Measuring Accomplishment

  • Methods for Measuring Accomplishment
  • Earned Value at the Feature and Epic Level
  • Program Performance

Variance Analysis

  • Thresholds and Formulas
  • Harness Agile Data
  • Root Cause, Impact & Corrective Action Planning

Estimates, Indices and Forecasts

  • Developing EACs with Agile & Scrum
  • Using Performance Indices
  • Forecasting in Agile Projects
  • Forecast Change Scenarios

Cost and Schedule Variance Exercise

  • Calculate Cost and Schedule Variances
  • Calculate CPI and SPI

Baseline Change Control

  • EVMS Baseline Change Considerations
  • Scrum Guidelines
  • Baseline Change Scenarios


Course Evaluation Sheet and Discussion

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