DFARS 234.201 EVMS Policy

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DFARS 234.201 EVMS Policy

DFARS 234.201 EVMS Policy – dated December 2011

This DFARs subpart states the DoD policy when earned value management system requirements apply. It states that the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) is responsible for determining a contractor's EVMS compliance when DoD is the customer for the contractual work effort. This subpart also notes the EVMS solicitation provisions and contract clauses that apply (DFARS 252.234.7001 and 252.234-7002).

Note: the Earned Value Management System Thresholds Class Deviation Memo dated September 28, 2015, raises the threshold for when EVMS compliance reviews occur from $50M to $100M. DODI 5000.02 has been updated to reflect the change in the thresholds, the DFARS update is in process.

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