Earned Value Management System Guideline Scalability Guide

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Earned Value Management System Guideline Scalability Guide

Earned Value Management System Guideline Scalability Guide, Revision 2 – dated 29 January 2020

The NDIA IPMD Civilian Agency Industry Working Group (CAIWG) developed this guide to support the civilian government agencies and their suppliers in implementing EVM. This guide is intended to support any agency or organization that does not have a contractual requirement to implement EVMS, but would still benefit from using EVM practices by implementing a scaled EVMS. It is intended for industry or government project personnel within: 1) Entities such as universities, laboratories, small businesses, suppliers, and vendors with small to mid-size projects; 2) Large corporations with small projects/contracts or that issue contracts to small businesses, suppliers, and vendors; and 3) Any government agency with small contracts.

The guide is organized into the following nine project management processes: 1) Organizing for Project Management; 2) Establishing and Maintaining an Integrated Project Schedule; 3) Defining Budgets and Authorizing Work; 4) Interfacing the EVMS with the Accounting System (actual costs); 5) Managing using Project Performance Information; 6) Incorporating Approved Changes into the Project; 7) Managing Project Material Items; 8) Managing Subcontracted Work Effort; and 9) Managing Indirect Budgets and Costs. For each process, the guide discusses the related sub processes including a reference to the applicable EVMS Standard primary guideline, a description of the process and its underlying connection to project management, benefits derived from effective implementation, approaches for scaling the implementation of the process, and descriptions of typical products produced.

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