Budget Baseline Support

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EVMS Implementation
Budget Baseline Support

Budget Baseline Support as Part of EVMS Implementation

H&A uses the integrated master schedule (IMS) as a basis to assist control account managers (CAMs) in establishing the performance measurement baseline (PMB). We can assist you in developing the time-phased budget baseline based on the activities in the IMS (if not resource loaded). We will work with your CAMs to develop the most appropriate earned value measurement techniques to ensure that progress reported against the PMB results in reliable performance data for management visibility and control. We can provide assistance with:

  • Developing the contract budget base, management reserve, and undistributed budget logs
  • Establishing the process to incorporate subcontractor data
  • Reviewing final control account budgets and work package planning
  • Reviewing the time phased budget
  • Traceability of the performance measurement baseline to the (IMS)
  • Developing control account work authorization documents

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