Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)

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EVMS Implementation
Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)

Importance of the Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)

Determining the level of a project's control accounts can be challenging. Too low, and the maintenance of the system can outweigh the benefits. Too high, and the information received is of little value in managing the project.

Responsibility Assignment Matrix and EVMS Implementation

H&A can assist in developing a responsibility assignment matrix (RAM) at the right level of control. The RAM relates your functional organizations to specific WBS elements. This identifies who is responsible for what scope of work. Using the horizontal axis for the WBS elements and the vertical axis for the functional departments, control accounts are identified at each point where the two intersect. These control accounts are then assigned to a responsible control account manager (CAM) which plays a significant role in the work authorization process. The CAMs are responsible for planning, scheduling, budgeting, and executing the work.

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