EVM in a Production Environment

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Earned Value Management in a Production Environment

This workshop is designed to demonstrate the application of an Earned Value Management System (EVMS) in a production environment using real time information from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)/Material Requirements Planning (MRP, MRP II) systems. 

Topics covered include Bid and Proposal Management, Program and Contract Management, Product Lifecycle Management, Production Management including Shop Floor Management and Inventory Control, Supply Chain Management, Quality Management, Accounting/Finance, Labor Planning, Material Planning, Project Performance Reporting, and other related subjects.

The workshop features an extensive hands-on case study that reflects relevant and current industry production planning and control experience.  Attendees will learn about and use a manufacturing data workbench to collect, analyze, and interpret manufacturing data in an earned value management environment.

The workshop provides new insights, methods, and approaches in assessing the technical, schedule, and cost health of a production project which can result in better decision making.  Attendees will take back knowledge and artifacts that are directly applicable to the management of production projects. 

This workshop is intended for anyone interested in or facing the challenge of managing projects within the ERP/MRP and EVMS environments.  Basic manufacturing and EVM knowledge is a plus. 


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