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EVMS and Project Management Training
Earned Value Management Executive Workshop

This workshop is designed specifically for company executives to gain a better understanding of earned value management systems (EVMS) used throughout the industry and to stay abreast of the latest guidelines, government reviews and requirements, and EVMS issues.  The workshop includes use of EVM data, discussions involving customer expectations in EVM data reporting, executive use of EVM data, reasons for system de-certifications, and common data abuses, along with suggested software solutions to help better manage.  Recent emphasis on the governments data driven approach and what it means to companies within the industry is also covered.
This EVM workshop addresses Earned Value Management System development, implementation, validation, and Integrated Baseline Reviews (IBRs), as well as subcontractor flowdown requirements with a mixture of lectures and discussions on:
  • Avoiding unnecessary system reviews by keeping data clean/pristine data submissions
  • Using Executive EVM Data Indices to preclude data masking
  • Developing and staying on track using a business rhythm
  • Emphasizing executive system endorsement and its importance during system reviews
  • Reporting and managing an Over Target Baseline and an Over Target Schedule
  • Establishing correct use of Management Reserve
  • Reviewing the CPR/IPMR prior to submission.
For further information regarding H&As EVM Workshop for Executives courses or our on-site tailored Executive EVM sessions, please contact me directly at 714.685.1730.
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