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Integrated Project Management and Earned Value_2nd Edition

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Integrated Project Management and Earned Value is the definitive resource for earned value project management and Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS). This book is about how the planning, control, and management of projects can be improved through the use of the concept called Earned Value. 

This book is designed for anyone having a basic familiarity with the requirements and disciplines of project management who desires to understand more about planning and control and how to improve these processes through the use of earned value.  The material has been drawn from over 40 years of collective experience of the author and many of the professional personnel of Humphreys & Associates involved in project and program management.

While introductory theory is explained, time tested samples are provided throughout the book.  To facilitate the learning process, the topics covered are linked together in a process flowchart.  The chapters have been grouped into sections with each representing a major activity in the planning and control process: Organization, Scheduling, Estimating, and Earned Value as well as Risk Assessment and Subcontract Management. The book also includes a section on EVMS Implementation. The majority of the chapters contain one or more case studies - these are practical exercises that have been drawn from Humphreys & Associates consulting experiences and presented in Humphreys & Associates seminars and workshops.


Integrated Project Management and Earned Value is a subset of  Project Management Using Earned Value as the content consolidates the Scheduling and Estimating Sections. This facilitates the creation of a textbook which is more oriented toward project managers, functional managers, and control account managers and others involved in the day-to day management of projects.

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