Over Target Baseline/Over Target Schedule (OTB/OTS) Guide

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Over Target Baseline/Over Target Schedule (OTB/OTS) Guide

Over Target Baseline/Over Target Schedule (OTB/OTS) Guide – dated December 5, 2012

This guide provides basic guidance on the concept of formal reprogramming and defines the over target baseline/over target schedule (OTB/OTS) process. Formal reprogramming is a comprehensive replanning of the remaining performance measurement baseline (PMB) that results in a total budget and/or total schedule in excess of contractual requirements. Formal reprogramming is the process that results in an OTB and/or an OTS.

The guide was produced with the intent that it will lead to more consistent and improved practices. The guidance and procedural discussion in this document are designed to assist the government project or program manager (PM) in an understanding of the processes and decisions that must be considered when implementing an OTB and/or OTS. It is also meant to assist the earned value management (EVM) community in general in the understanding and implementation of an OTB/OTS.

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