Over Target Baseline (OTB) and Over Target Schedule (OTS) Implementation

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Over Target Baseline (OTB) and Over Target Schedule (OTS) Implementation

This workshop provides an in-depth look at the formal reprogramming process or the establishment of a performance measurement baseline (PMB) in excess of the contract target cost also known as an Over Target Baseline (OTB). This may also include an Over Target Schedule (OTS) as the PMB will need to reflect a revised baseline schedule when the remaining contract work results in a date beyond the contract completion date. The implementation process from the decision to conduct formal reprogramming to the actual preparation of the OTB/OTS proposal is presented in detail. This includes alternatives that may be considered other than OTB/OTS implementation. Notifying the customer of the intent to implement an OTB/OTS and the subsequent review and approval process are also covered. This workshop also includes the requirements for reporting the reprogramming adjustments in the Integrated Program Management Report (IPMR) or Integrated Program Management and Data Analysis Report (IPMDAR). Subcontractors may also request implementation of an OTB/OTS from the prime contractor. How this situation should be managed and reported is also discussed.

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