Validation Reviews (VR)

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Preparation for an EVMS Compliance Review
Validation Reviews (VR)

A Validation Review (VR) is a formal review conducted by a government EVM System acceptance authority to assess whether a contractor has implemented an EVMS that complies with the 32 guidelines in the EIA-748.  The gov-ernment EVM System acceptance authority conducts this review prior to formally accepting a contractor’s EVMS.  This is a rigorous process because a contractor must demonstrate to the government customer the EVMS complies with the EIA-748 and that the EVMS is actively used to manage the work. 

H&A’s mock validation review process is designed to help you thoroughly prepare for a validation review.  This can be part of a self assessment process to determine a contractor’s readiness for a government customer validation review.  H&A uses questionnaires, rating forms, interview techniques, and data assessments that closely simulate a government review environment.  H&A conducts an in-depth assessment of the EVMS design, documentation, and implementation for each of the 32 guidelines.  A broad range of interviews are conducted with the project manager, control account managers, functional managers, schedulers, finance, procurement, and other personnel.  A series of data traces are also performed to verify the quality of the schedule and cost data to provide reliable information re-garding technical, schedule, and cost performance.  The deliverable is an out brief or detailed report that documents the interview results and fact-based findings with specific recommendations for improvements or actions to imple-ment prior to the government review. 


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