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EVMS System Design and Documentation

Process procedures complement the System Description as they provide the details on how to apply what is in the System Description.

While assisting clients with the development of the System Description, H&A reviews all corresponding internal procedures and modifies or develops new procedures to address each of the system components as necessary. We begin our process with detailed discussions with key team members. We then determine the responsibilities and authorities of each user organization. H&A can also develop unique procedures for each form or process required in the System Description, explaining the purpose of the document, the primary users, and the responsibilities of the people that send, receive, or process the document.

A partial list of typical procedures developed for past clients include:

  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Dictionary and Index
  • Work Authorization
  • Integrated Master Plan (IMP) Development and Maintenance
  • Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) Development and Maintenance
  • Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) Data Quality Checks
  • Contract Budget Base, Management Reserve, and Undistributed Budget Logs
  • Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB) Development and Maintenance
  • Internal Reporting
  • Variance Analysis Reporting
  • Comprehensive EAC
  • Project Directives
  • Material Management and Control
  • Subcontract Management
  • Baseline Changes
  • Labor Time Reporting
  • External Reporting - Contract Performance Reports (CPRs)



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