EVM System Description and EVMS Compliance

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EVMS System Design and Documentation
System Description

What is EVM System Description?

The EVM System Description is a clear and concise description of your EVMS. Well defined management systems are needed to support internal planning and control requirements and if required, support specific contract or customer requirements. These factors can vary from very rigid and extensive to relatively flexible applications of the processes and their subsystems.

Our experienced consultants can ensure that your documentation provides guidance in how to tailor the EVMS application for a project without jeopardizing the EVMS compliance. H&A consultants can help you craft your system's detailed descriptive text into an informative and understandable style for internal users. When completed, the System Description includes:

  • An Executive Summary.
  • EVMS policy statement.
  • Chapters for each of subsystem or process area.
  • Stratified flow charts illustrating each subsystem along with a detailed discussion and responsibility assignment for each process step.
  • Example project artifacts, forms, and reports.
  • Glossary of terms and acronyms.
  • An annotated cross-reference of the System Description paragraphs and artifacts to the EIA-748 32 guidelines as well as the DCMA EVMS Cross Reference Checklist. This document is essential for successfully completing a customer review.


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