Third Party Validation Review

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Preparation for an EVMS Compliance Review
Third Party Validation Review

Frequently a government customer will ask a contractor to obtain a third party EVMS validation or certification. This is a common request for contracts that do not break the current EVMS thresholds or for subcontractors where the EVMS requirements have been flowed down. These certifications are meaningful to the government customer or their agents that may come in to conduct a compliance review or as a means to gain a level of confidence that the contractor has implemented a useful EVMS that complies with the 32 guidelines in the EIA-748. A successful third party validation review can assist a contractor in winning new business as the certification can be cited in future proposals as evidence they have a compliant EVMS ready for a government review.

H&A’s third party validation review process is designed to conduct an in-depth review of a contractor’s EVMS and how it has been implemented. This review closely simulates a government customer validation review. H&A conducts an in-depth assessment of the EVMS design, documentation, and implementation for each of the 32 guidelines. Interviews are conducted with the project manager, control account managers, functional managers, schedulers, finance, procurement, and other personnel to assess their knowledge of EVM and how the EVMS has been implemented. A series of data traces are also performed to verify the quality of the schedule and cost data to provide reliable information regarding technical, schedule, and cost performance. The deliverable is an EVMS Certification Report.

H&A consultants are able to produce an EVMS Certification Report with the highest probability of customer acceptance as they are designed to withstand the scrutiny of the most exacting government review team. This is a direct result of H&A’s uniquely qualified personnel conducting the review and the quality of the findings and conclusions documentation. These third party reviews are led by one or more of our former government review directors. No other consulting house can provide this level of EVMS expertise in conducting third party validation reviews.


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