Work Breakdown Structure Handbook

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Work Breakdown Structure Handbook

Work Breakdown Structure Handbook – dated August 16, 2012

"This handbook was developed by the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Acquisition and Project Management (APM) for use on DOE projects by Federal Project Directors (FPD) and industry contractors. It provides suggested guidance and best practices on the development of product-oriented Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) that should be used by all projects within DOE to organize and subdivide total project work scope."

The WBS should accurately and completely include all work elements for the system that is being developed or procured. The WBS Dictionary should also be developed that defines the scope contained within each WBS element, at least to the control account level. The approved WBS will provide the framework for integration of the technical, schedule and cost management and reporting requirements.

The WBS Handbook provides typical summary Work Breakdown Structures for Buildings, Tanks and Silos, Ponds and Basins, Power Generation, Power Transmission, Decommissioning and Decontamination, etc. All of these summary Work Breakdown Structures depict examples of the first three levels of the WBS that would typically be common to most generic systems. The summary WBS is developed by the procuring agency, and normally provided to the contractor in a Request for Proposal. The contractor is expected to expand the WBS down to a level where work will be authorized, planned and managed.

Note: DOE intends to replace this handbook with a WBS Guide in 2016 that will complement DOE Order 413.3.

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