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EVMS and Project Management Training
Agile EVMS Integration 2-Day

Introduction to Workshop

  • Discussion of workshop background & approach
  • Agenda
  • Resumes

Workshop Introduction (Stand-up Exercise #1)

  • Agile Story Concept

Workshop Background

Introduction to the Earned Value Management Concept

  • The Basic Concept and Data Elements in EVM

Introduction to the Earned Value Management Systems

  • Management Process & Systems
  • 32 EVMS Guidelines
  • Typical EVMS System Architecture

Introduction to Agile Development

  • Agile Defined
  • Agile Mindset
  • Agile Development Principles
  • Agile Process
  • Scrum

Agile Stand-up Exercise #2

  • Features and Capabilities

EVMS & Agile Side-by-Side

  • Agile Flow
  • EVMS Flow
  • Comparisons

Software Program Management Process

  • System Engineering Technical Reviews (SETR)
  • Software Requirements (SRR, SFR, SSR)
  • Adjustment to SETR for Agile (RBR)
  • SETR Timing

Agile Stand-up Exercise #3

  • Applying Agile Mindset and Scrum

Agile Product Planning & Use Case Analysis

  • Agile Product Planning
  • Analyze High Level Use Case
  • Additional Information Needs

Agile Product Vision (Agile Case Study #1)

  • Develop a Product Vision for Assigned Product

Agile Product Definitions and Architecture (Agile Case Study #2)

  • Develop Product Definitions for Assigned Product

Product Roadmap (Agile Case Study #3)

  • Develop a Product Roadmap for Assigned Product

Organization in EVMS & Agile

  • EV / Agile Synchronization
  • WBS with Software – 3 options

Responsibility Assignment in EVMS

  • Essential Features of a Control Account
  • Guidance in the Identification of Control Account Levels and Contents
  • Software Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS)
  • Control Accounts – Conclusions

WBS, Software Architecture, Backlog Management (Agile Case Study #4)

  • EVMS System Flow
  • Develop the WBS for a assigned project
  • Define the Backlog for assigned project

Control Accounts (Agile Case Study #5)

  • Develop Control Accounts for Assigned Project

Scheduling with EVM and Agile

  • IMS is a Task Database
  • Essential Integrations
  • Agile Approaches for IMS

Refining & Prioritizing the Backlog

  • Refinement
  • Priority
  • Coordination

Prioritizing the Backlog Case Study

  • Develop Product Backlog Item (PBI) Priority for Assigned Project

Agile Story Development

  • The Elements of a Story
  • The Role of the Product Owner

Agile Story Development (Agile Case Study #8)

  • Prepare Stories for Assigned PBIs

Estimating the Backlog

  • Outside the Sprint – Inside the Sprint
  • Sprint Stories/Sprint Tasks/Story Points
  • Normalizing Estimates
  • Fibonacci Sequence and Planning Poker

Agile Stand-up Exercise #4: Estimating Story Points

  • Develop Team Estimate for Some of the Stories

High-level EVMS Budgeting

  • Contract Budgets
  • Management Reserve & Undistributed Budget
  • Work Authorization
  • Control Account Budgets

Sprint Planning & Control Account Plans (Agile Case Study #10)

  • Developing a Control Account Plan in Agile Project

Measuring Accomplishment in EVMS

  • Work Measurement Classifications & Techniques
  • Work Packages Defined
  • Work Package Characteristics
  • Discrete Work Measurement Techniques

Measuring Accomplishment in Agile

  • Team Board
  • Daily Scrum
  • Stories
  • Methods for Measuring Accomplishment
  • Burn Up, Burn Down, and Sprint Velocity
  • Where is the Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB)?
  • Handling Scope Increases/Decreases in Agile

Analyzing Project Performance & Sprint Results (Agile Case Study #11)

  • Perform Analysis of Sample Data

Variance Analysis

  • Interpreting Cost and Schedule Variances
  • Defining a Significant Variance
  • Corrective Action Planning
  • Comparing Past and Future Efficiency Factors
  • Data Capture from Agile / Scrum

Estimates, Indices and Forecasts

  • Uses of the EAC
  • Developing EACs with Agile & Scrum
  • Types of EACs
  • Using Performance Indices

Baseline Change Control

  • The Importance of Baseline Management
  • Achieving a Firm baseline with Replanning Flexibility
  • How the Baseline is Affected by Various Changes
  • Acceptable Reasons for Retroactive Changes to the Baseline

Implementing Agile in the EVMS Environment

  • Challenges & Successes
  • Tips and Guidance

Appendix of Additional Materials and References

  • PARCA “Agile & Earned Value Management: A Program manager’s Desk Guide”.
  • NDIA IPMD EVM Agile Guide
  • The Scrum Guide™ The Definitive Guide to Scrum: The Rules of the Game
  • The Scrum@Scale® Guide The Definitive Guide to Scrum@Scale: Scaling that Works
  • NAVAIR 4355.19E System Engineering Technical reviews
  • Industry References

Course Evaluation Sheet and Discussion


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