EVMS Center Business Practice 6: Compliance Review (CR) Execution

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EVMS Center Business Practice 6: Compliance Review (CR) Execution

EVMS Center Business Practice 6: Compliance Review (CR) Execution - dated 10 August 2018

DCMA Business Practice 6 defines a uniform process for the EVMS Center personnel to conduct contractor EVMS compliance reviews (CR).

EVMS compliance reviews will be conducted IAW the requirements in DCMA- MAN 2301-01 and this business practice at all contractor sites where there is a contractual requirement for an EVMS CR.

A CR is a comprehensive assessment of a contractor’s system, comprised of a System Description (SD), command media, processes, related tools, and the contractor’s ability to implement the EVM system on contracts with an EVMS requirement. The intent is to demonstrate and document compliance to the 32 Guidelines in the EIA-748 EVMS standard. There are three steps for evaluating compliance:

  • Assess whether the contractor’s EVM SD adequately documents how its system meets the intent of the 32 Guidelines;
  • Evaluate the contractor’s ability to demonstrate the EVMS implementation as described in the SD and supplemental procedures;
  • Verify whether the EVMS is providing timely, accurate, reliable and auditable data.

The requirement for an EVMS System to be determined as compliant is prescribed in DFARS 234.201. For a prime contractor system, the functional specialist works with the cognizant contracting officer through the Business System Process. For any subcontractor requiring EVMS validation and/or when DCMA is not the cognizant contract administration office, the EVMS Center Director serves as the authority for determining and/or validating EVMS compliance.

DCMA EVMS guidance is maintained on their website: https://www.dcma.mil/HQ/EVMS/

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