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Data Item Descriptions

IPMDAR - DI-MGMT-81861C - dated August 2021

The Integrated Program Management Data and Analysis Report (IPMDAR) as described in Data Item Description DI-MGMT-81861C is a contractually required data deliverable to the customer. The IPMDAR supersedes the Integrated Program Management Report (IPMR) DID DI-MGMT-81861A.

The IPMDAR DID completes the evolution from submitting paper-based formats to submitting cost and schedule performance datasets to the customer. The customer can then perform their own data analysis on the cost and schedule data the contractor provides or they can produce the familiar IPMR report formats 1 to 4 from the source data. The IPMDAR DID includes cross references to electronic data submission format requirements defined in File Format Specifications (FFS) and Data Exchange Instructions (DEI) for the cost and schedule data. The complete set of documents are required to ensure the data submissions are formatted in accordance with the cost or schedule FFS and DEI (JSON encoded data files).

The IPMDAR data deliverables are normally prepared each month to formally provide current cost and schedule performance and forecast data to the government customer on major projects (typically $20M or more or as defined in the contract). There are three data components:

  • Contract Performance Dataset (CPD). This provides the current time-phased phased hours and cost data for the project from the contractor's existing management systems. This includes the budget baseline, earned value, actual costs, and estimate to complete data.
  • Schedule Performance Dataset (SPD). This provides the current data from the contractor's Integrated Master Schedule (IMS). To complement the JSON encoded schedule dataset, the contractor also provides a native schedule file.
  • Performance Narrative Report. This report provides a narrative analysis of the data provided in the CPD and SPD in a human readable and searchable format such as Microsoft Word or a PDF file. The DID specifies expected content for the Executive Summary and Detailed Analysis sections of the report. The content requirements are meant to be tailored and should be specified in contractual documents.

More information about the IPMDAR, File Format Specifications, and Data Exchange Instructions can be found on the DoD Acquisition Data and Analytics (ADA) Integrated Program Management (IPM) Division web site: https://www.acq.osd.mil/asda/ae/ada/ipm/index.html.

The ADA IPM Division web site also includes links to information about the DoD's EVM-CR or Central Repository for contractor's electronic data submissions. The resources page provides utilities to convert an IPMDAR cost or schedule JSON encoded dataset to the legacy IPMR formats or an Excel format as well as dataset validation tools.

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