IMS - DI-MGMT-81650 (superseded by IPMR DID)

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Data Item Descriptions
IMS - DI-MGMT-81650

IMS – DI-MGMT-81650 – dated March 2005 (superseded by IPMR and IPMDAR DID)

The legacy Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) Data Item Description (DID) defines the requirements for the content and submittal of the contractor Master, Intermediate and Detailed schedules. The IMS must be submitted at least monthly either before or with the legacy Contract Performance Report (CPR).

The Integrated Program Management Report (IPMR) DID DI-MGMT-81861 released in June 2012 combined the requirements for the Contract Performance Report (CPR) and IMS into one DID. For contracts issued after June 2012, a separate IMS DID should not be a requirement.

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