Online CAM Certification Course Details

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CAM Certification
Online CAM Certification Course Details

The Humphreys & Associates online CAM Certification program course work is designed to assist students to prepare for the H&A CAM Certification exam with a combination of self-paced online training, independent study, and instructor led discussion.  The required course work will need to be completed in preparation for the CAM Certification exam which is offered on a quarterly basis. 

Online Training

The online training includes the H&A EVMS Virtual Learning Lab, Scheduling Virtual Learning Lab, and CAM Surveillance Discussion.  The EVMS Virtual Learning Lab and Scheduling Virtual Learning Lab each provide an intensive three day workshop (21 hours of instruction) in a self-paced online format.  The training courses cover the principles of earned value management or scheduling and provide case studies, exercises, and examples.  Students can test their knowledge and gain immediate feedback with scored quizzes and exams. 

The CAM Surveillance Discussion provides a realistic simulation of a typical CAM documentation review, data trace, and interview session with a government customer.  It demonstrates how a well prepared CAM successfully conducts an interview with a government customer.  It also includes a helpful recap that highlights the key technical points with suggestions for follow up action items. 

All online training exams and quizzes must be completed to be able to sit for the final CAM Certification exam.  View a demo of the H&A online training.

Independent Study

Each student receives a copy of the Project Management Using Earned Value textbook.  This comprehensive textbook includes quizzes and extensive case studies that will further assist the student in preparing for the CAM Certification exam.  Solutions to all case studies are available on the H&A web site so students can test their knowledge and application of EVM.  Students also receive a copy of the H&A Pocket Guide to Project Management Using Earned Value, a handy reference for common EVM terms and performance analysis formulas. 

Instructor Led Discussion

Students are encouraged to email questions to the assigned H&A instructor.  Depending on the nature and volume of the questions, the H&A instructor will schedule one or more group web sessions with all of the students currently enrolled to discuss the topics submitted.  At a minimum, at least one group web session will be conducted just prior to the scheduled quarterly CAM Certification exam to answer any questions students may have in preparation for taking the final exam. 

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