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Pocket Guide - Agile and EVMS Integrations


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Agile and EVMS Integrations

The guide is designed to provide a quick reference to the topic of how Agile product development and Earned Value Management Systems can be implemented and employed on the same project. This handbook is not a “how-to” for implementing Agile or EVMS; those topics are too complex for the guide format.

On the surface, these two methodologies conflict in several ways; but a deeper look shows that the two can coexist to their mutual benefit. Much has been written about each of these approaches and about their incompatibilities or, con-versely, about their compatibilities. Because Agile is a product development methodology and Earned Value Management is a program management discipline, it is possible to implement both approaches on the same project if care is taken to document each of them and to document their alignment and linkages.

The information here is in outline form and of a summary nature due to the restrictions of the guide format. One of the issues with Agile is that there is no standard vocabulary, and there are so many offshoots and adaptations that significant effort is required to come to a single set of topics for dis-cussion. Even the terminology employed with the over-arching Agile approach is not uniformly defined. Any single adoption of the Agile approach must be documented clearly as the first step. In this handbook, we present a set of topics that focuses on Agile as most commonly found on major programs within the environment of government con-tracting.

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