Scheduling in an Earned Value Environment Workshop Using Microsoft Project

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Scheduling in an Earned Value Environment Workshop Using Microsoft Project

In this workshop, attendees will learn the unique aspects of building and maintaining an Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) in the project environment for large U.S. Government projects and will build a sample project with a compliant IMS.
The workshop is a mixture of lecture and hands-on exercises live in Microsoft Project (MSP) Version 2016. All hands-on learning can be easily applied to earlier versions of MSP.
Attendees will build a DI-MGMT-81861 compliant IMS in an MSP file they can take with them at the end of the workshop.
In this workshop attendees will:
  1. Understand the unique requirements for the IMS in the Earned Value environment
  2. Understand the use of the IMS in project planning and control
  3. Establish a project in MSP with appropriate project calendar and resources
  4. Understand the Integrated Master Plan (IMP) and how to incorporate it into the IMS in MSP
  5. Understand the role of the System Engineering Technical reviews in project planning and incorporate representative SETR milestones in the IMS in MSP.
  6. Build a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) including the identification of Control Accounts, Work Packages, and Planning Packages in MSP
  7. Translate a Statement of Work (SOW) and the Basis of Estimate (BOE) into an IMS in MSP compliant with the requirements of DI-MGMT-81861 Format 6; the IMS
  8. Build tasks and logically network them to create and end-to-end vertically and horizontally traceable IMS
  9. Learn the proper use of constraints and how to apply constraints in MSP
  10. Use a Control Account Work Authorization Document (CWAD) as the basis for budgets and assign labor, material, subcontract, and ODC resources to the IMS in MSP to develop the budget plan
  11. Establish Earned Value Techniques (EVTs) in MSP for measuring work progress
  12. Understand baselines and baseline maintenance and perform baseline control in MSP
  13. Understand the method for identifying, analyzing, and documenting the Critical Path, the Secondary Critical Path, the Tertiary Critical Path, and the Driving Path to a selected milestone in MSP
  14. Develop an IMS Data Dictionary IAW DI-MGMT-81861
  15. Update schedule and work progress in MSP and develop monthly reports from the statused IMS
  16. Make inputs in MSP to create the monthly Estimate-to-Complete (ETC) 
  17. Understand quality checks for the IMS, what they mean, and how to isolate potential defects. 
  18. Learn about constraints, lags, durations, and other unique aspects in the IMS in MSP


Additional Information About the Workshop

This workshop is taught by planning and scheduling professionals who work on these projects every day, building real-world Integrated Master Schedules. The schedule professionals at Humphreys & Associates have hands-on experience on projects in a wide range of technological areas including Department of Defense, the Department of Energy (DOE), NASA, HHS, DHS, FAA, NSA, NGA, NRO, CIA, and foreign governments, creating schedules across multiple product lines, including: aircraft, helicopters, surface ships, submarines, satellites, electronics, software, unmanned vehicles, and construction. 
The workshop moves quickly from theory to hands-on practice in an environment free of the fear of failure. The modules are focused on specific topics and are kept short enough to keep moving forward but long enough to allow learning. Each module brings a new set of learning and new skills. As the attendee works their way through the hands-on practice and reaches an endpoint, they are provided with the solution file to check their work and continue learning additional capabilities as the course progresses. 
The environment on large projects is dynamic and the requirements for the Integrated Master Schedule are detailed, complex, and non-negotiable. In this workshop, you will learn the requirements and how to meet them with a high-quality useful schedule.
The learning from this workshop can be applied immediately to improve the existing schedules at your workplace or to enhance the building of new schedules to meet complex requirements.
There are supporting materials provided as takeaways including a hardcopy of the lecture material and a final IMS file from Microsoft Project that can be used as a refresher for the attendee.

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