Self Surveillance Plans

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EVMS Implementation
Self Surveillance Plans

EVMS Implementation through Self Surveillance Plans

The purpose of a self surveillance plan is to establish the process and methods used to conduct internal system reviews. Conducting self surveillance is a useful best practice to verify your EVMS continues to support the 32 guidelines in the EIA-748 and to assess how projects are implementing an EVMS. The self surveillance reviews also provide an opportunity to continually improve the existing EVMS. They provide fact-based information that can be used to create action plans to address issues with the EVMS, how the EVMS is implemented, or the EVM proficiency levels of project personnel.

A self surveillance plan includes defining the:

  • Approach for developing the annual surveillance schedule
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Selection process and pre review preparation
  • How the reviews are conducted
  • Post review activities
  • Tracking and closure process

Because H&A consultants are continually involved with industry and government agencies, we incorporate the latest requirements for system surveillance in your comprehensive surveillance plan.


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